New Release

Ghoul Duty is the exciting second book in the Sheriff Francis Hood series!

After Missouri River flooding disinters corpses and coffins from a parish cemetery, Sheriff Francis Hood and his chief deputy retrieve a body, only to learn it did not come from the cemetery.

The revelation begins the process of determining who the man is and how he died. Complicating Hood’s efforts are: His beginning recovery from alcoholism; his separation from his wife and daughter; a new twist on a relationship from his past; and the puzzling behavior of an ex-convict, whose father was killed by Hood in a shootout.

Uncover the secrets troubling Sheriff Francis Hood — Read Ghoul Duty!

February 7, 2022

“McGonegal's Sheriff Francis Hood belongs right up there with Longmire and Robicheaux. Ghoul Duty swept me away from the very first page.” ~ M. A. Monnin, Author of Death in The Aegean