About James Henry Taylor

James Henry Taylor is the author of two collections of experimental short fiction: Everyday Wonder or the Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog (Sweetgum Press 2010), and Honeysuckle and Other Stories (Cave Hollow Press 2002). He became an editor-in-residence for Cave Hollow Press shortly after his book was published and in 2003 joined the press as a permanent editor.

He is a professor of physics at the University of Central Missouri (UCM), and has had articles published in Physical Review (U.S.), Physica (Netherlands), Il Nuovo Cimento (Italy), and Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences.

He is currently revising a new collection of short fiction, Sleeping Life and Other Stories.

Honeysuckle and Other Stories

A unique collection of short stories that feature the surrealism of dark fantasy in everyday life.

Praise for Honeysuckle and Other Stories

Be prepared for a glimpse back at that time in childhood when something as ordinary as an empty bottle or a flower could possess mystical powers...Taylor's collection of surreal tales and clever observations are as enchanting as they are giggle-worthy.--Warrensburg Free Press - Amy Thiltges

"James Henry Taylor's charmingly told fables lead us through his imagined world of everyday magic, irony, consequence and compassion." -- author, Down on Ponce - Fred Willard

"Only a physicist/writer...could so perfectly relate the magic of everyday reality and the everyday reality of magic. Like the 'smiling scar' left behind on the hand of one of his characters, Taylor's stories leave their other-worldly imprints behind."--author, Golden Carp - Antonio Vallone